Welcome to the Manila Trainer!

Back in August 6, 2016, Pokemon Go was finally released as an official download in the Philippines, both in the iOS App Store, as well as in the Google Play Store. It was during this time where the childhood of Filipinos was reawakened as they finally got to experience catching a Pokemon through their smartphones in Real life. It was during this time where their adventure started. And it was during this time, where a lot of Filipinos decided that they wanted to be the very best.

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Vulpix Nest: Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

In my commute going to work everyday, the vehicle that I’m riding on always passes by the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center. Because of this, I often am able to spin some Pokestops of the park (usually the ones at the entrance). It is then when I noticed that everyday, I always get the catch this rare (for me) Pokemon…

A Vulpix.

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