Welcome to the Manila Trainer!

Back in August 6, 2016, Pokemon Go was finally released as an official download in the Philippines, both in the iOS App Store, as well as in the Google Play Store. It was during this time where the childhood of Filipinos was reawakened as they finally got to experience catching a Pokemon through their smartphones in Real life. It was during this time where their adventure started. And it was during this time, where a lot of Filipinos decided that they wanted to be the very best.

The game was not just a game.

The Game was not Just a game. Pokemon Go was embraced by many Filipinos, including those of the Major Business owners in the country. They used the game to attract potential customers by putting up lures in their property’s Pokestops. These businesses were mostly that of malls. Whether it be Ayala Malls, or SM malls, “Lure Parties” were a thing during the first month of Pokemon Go’s release in the country.

Everyone was into Pokemon Go. Everyone was enjoying Pokemon Go. Everyone was socializing, forming groups to fight gyms, to track Pokemon, etc.

Everything Was Going Fine… until

Everyone loved the game. Until time passed, and instead of enjoying the game, people started picking on the things that the game lacked, pointing out the things that they wanted the game to be. Comments sections of Pokemon Go Filipino trainers’ Facebook groups, which initially were for helping people out with their Pokedex, suddenly were filled with negativity and hate about the game.

The list of rants about Pokemon Go grew.

  1. “Lack of a tracker system!!!”
  2. “So repetitive!!”
  3. “You need to battle first before you throw a Pokeball!!”
  4. “Cheaters!! Spoofers!!!”
  5. “No Pokemon in our Area!!”
  6. “Niantic sucks!!”
  7. ETC., ETC., ETC.

The list goes on and on. But for me, hearing people’s opinions about the game are okay. They’re alright. But these opinions suddenly translated into action. Or better yet, a lack of action – as there became a significant drop of trainers in the Philippines.

Look How Far Down Pokemon Go is in the App Store

The drop of trainers, it’s unfortunate. But it’s inevitable. With Niantic lacking communication with its community (but they’re trying to make an effort now), and with updates that are against everyone’s favor, but protects the interest of Niantic anyway (ex: Pokestop Speed locks), a lot of trainers would surely quit. Not to mention, Human Nature’s tendency of “nagsasawa” (losing interest on a thing after some time).

But for me… The Game is not just a Game.

It is an adventure. There’s always something new about this game, if you try to play it at its fullest. The whole game, it’s just actually a side quest. The main objective of the game is for you to go out, and explore the world out there.

This is what I experienced when it comes to playing this game. It has taken me to places in the Metro where I wouldn’t bother to go if it weren’t for Pokemon Go. And upon arriving in these places, I begin to realize how beautiful they are, that even if Pokemon Go didn’t exist, they’re worth taking a trip to. It is unfortunate that I only realized this morning (while in the shower, preparing to go to a Pokemon Nest) that I should be writing about my trips related to Pokemon Go to show the beautiful secrets that the Metro has to offer.

I am writing in this blog to show people how the game isn’t just a game. It’s an encouragement to live life to the fullest, away from the stagnant life of facing a computer screen in one room, to entertain one’s self. It is an intergration of technology and nature, of fiction and reality.

I am also writing in this blog because I want to help trainers out in catching Pokemon around our country, mostly in Metro Manila. To verify nests, and to help people in finishing their Pokedex. I do not expect a huge following (I don’t even expect a following at all), but I just want to be the guy who helps you out when you type “Pokemon Go Nests, Philippines” in Google search. Just read a post that may help you out in your adventure, and you can go on your way, traveller (Silph Road!!)

Special thanks to Nick of Youtube’s Trainer Tips Channel. This guy inspired me to try and help trainers out.


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