Omanyte Nest: Rizal Park

In the 7th Great Migration, the Omanytes migrated to the historical Rizal Park. Given that this Species of Pokemon is considered Rare (for me?), as well as the fact that in Rizal Park, there is also a Kabuto spawn point (15 minutes apart each), I had to go and visit this nest site.

I got my nest information from the Trainer submitted reports gathered in The Silph Road’s Nest Atlas. This is one, or if not, the most fantastic site dedicated to Pokemon Go research, and nest mapping. When I looked for an Omanyte in their nest map, I saw that Rizal Park was filled with this Pokemon. Not only that, spawn points of other rare Pokemon are also found in this park!



Rizal Park is located in Roxas Blvd Ermita, Barangay 666 Zone 72, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila. Getting there is quite easy, as it is situated near the major highways of Manila. If you want to know how to get there by driving, as I always suggest, use Waze.

If you want to commute, here is one the ways on getting to Rizal Park

  1. If you are coming from the South:
    • Find a way to get to the Taft MRT station. There are various ways of getting there, depending on where you will be coming from. Ask your elders on how to commute to that station. I’m sure most of them will be able to help you out. (Lol sorry, I’m not a southerner!)
    • Once you’re in MRT station, cross the connecting bridge that leads to the LRT Line 1.
    • Once you’re in LRT Line 1, get a train ticket going to UN Avenue.
    • Ride a train going to North Avenue, and get down at the UN Avenue station.
    • Once you get out of the station, turn left and just maintain that path, and you’ll come across Rizal Park.
  2. If you are coming from the North:
    • By bus: If in your area, you have access to a bus that goes to “Quiapo”, or “Lawton”, you can ride that bus, and get down at the end point of the travel. Once there, ride a jeepny that goes along Taft, and go down at Rizal Park.
    • By UV Express: Ride one that goes to “Vito Cruz”, and get down at Rizal Park.
    • By MRT: Buy a ticket to Taft Station, go down at that station (the last station of that travel), and follow the instructions from the second bullet down which I wrote for the Southerners above.
    • By LRT: Go to Cubao LRT Station (via jeep: Ride “Cubao Kalayaan Ali Mall” and get down at the last point of the travel. After that, just walk to the gateway mall, and ride the LRT going to Recto station. Again, that’s the last point of the travel. Once in Recto, go through the connecting bride going to the other LRT, the “LRT Line-1”. Arrows will be around the place to guide you. Once in Line-1, get an LRT going to UN Avenue station. After that, walk towards Rizal Park. Don’t forget to have your Pokemon Go running for the distance!
  3. Upon entering the Park, Omanyte would surely already be in your sightings.


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The Rizal Park is a historical site where the remains of the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, or “Dr. Jose Rizal” for short is laid to rest. Erected on where his Remains lied is the Rizal Monument, which has symbolisms that honor his memory.

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The Hunt.

Upon stepping in to Rizal Park, my sightings had already shown that there was an Omanyte nearby. I immediately got excited about this, and rushed to find where this Omanyte was at.

I only took a few steps from the Rizal Park Entrance sign, and there it was, my first Omanyte Nest Pokemon. I checked sightings, and another Omanyte was still present.


And not only that, Kabuto was there as well! I caught both of them near this huge man-made body of water in Rizal Park. Situated in the middle of the lake are small man-made islands, which if viewed from above, would probably take the shape of the whole country of the Philippines as seen in a map.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with k2 preset


If you are coming from the Taft side of Rizal park, you may see this huge circle (almost like a Pokeball) area in your Pokemon Go map.


This is the area where the majestic and Gigantic Lapu Lapu monument stands tall. As Filipinos may know, Lapu Lapu is regarded as the first hero of the Philippines because of his great efforts to resist colonization.

After checking out the monument, I met up with a friend at that time. We were both hyped up about all of the Omanyte and Kabuto, I eventually forgot to take screenshots of our catches. When my friend left, it was then that I realized that I’ve been forgetting to do so. I then decided, for the purposes of this blog, that I stay a little bit more so I can screenshot my other catches. LOL.

After my friend left, I did a screenshot for all of my succeeding catches. I first proceeded to walk around the Rizal Monument.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

In front of the Monument was the gigantic Luneta Flagpole. Atop of it was the huge Philippine flag, but at the time that I was there close to it, it got tangled around the flagpole. So instead of taking a photo of the huge flag, I took a photo of the one of the small ones near the monument.

After being mesmerized by the sight of the beautiful Rizal Monuemnt and the Luneta Flag, I proceeded to look for an Omanyte. It was in my sightings, so I went on to look for it.8

On my way to that Omanyte, I passed by the Gomburza Execution Marker. This marker approximates where the three Martyr Priests were executed.

A continued walking to find that other Omanyte, when I passed by this other interesting statue. It was labeled as “La Madre Filipina”. I don’t know much about this certain statue, but I could agree that it really has its own feel of majesty to it.

Processed with VSCO with k2 preset

After some more walking, I finally found that Omanyte. I then proceeded on to catching it.

It is worth noting that I found this Omanyte at a place where a lot of pigeons dwell. Houses were built for these pigeons, and this place was then considered to be these pigeons’ park. Pokemon aren’t the only animals in Luneta.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

There was a food stall near the Pigeon Park. The stall had dining tables beside it, where customers can come sit and eat their food. These customers occassionally throw food out on the floor to attract clusters of pigeons. I couldn’t quite get a perfect shot of the pigeons because before I could even snap a photo, people passing by would just shoo them all off :/

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Across from the park, at the opposite side of this pigeon park, is the Chinese Gardens. I didn’t really go in and check it out (Php 10.00 entrance fee, and I’m cheap), but its gate was really beautiful.

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I walked towards the dancing fountain of Luneta Park. At that time though, the fountain was off, so there was no dancing happening. Just adjacent to it was the Rizal Park Open Auditorium, where many events could be held.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Surrounding the fountain are the busts of many more heroes, or some of the most influential Filipinos of all time.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

While looking around the dancing fountain, I suddenly found the reason why the fountain wasn’t on. Men were swimming around inside (doing maintenance, of course!).

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

And watching over them were these kids who were standing by the railings of the fountain, throwing rocks at the water, and running away before they get caught.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

While taking this photo, I noticed a spawn site where a Squirtle always spawns at about 15 minutes apart from each other. On my consistent laps around the park and passing by that spawn point, there would always be a Squirtle there.

I added my report over at The Silph Road’s Nest Atlas if you want to check some Squirtles out.


Before leaving that side of the park, I managed to take some more photos of the other Pokestops, including that weird Mother and Child Pokestop.

I forgot to take screenshots of these two’s Pokestops lol

I went on around Luneta more, and got more Omanytes. Here is a collection of my catches:

And it’s nice to see a sight like this after a long time. Lures Everywhere! Pokemon Go Trainers have dwindled over time, so seeing something like this is really uplifting for us remaining trainers.

Apparently, those responsible for setting up those lures are those people in the photo above, in front of Nayong Pilipino. When I checked Facebook, there actually is a team of trainers who hang around Luneta to catch Pokemon, most especially those of the rare ones. They also help people out with lures, as well as in tracking down rare Pokemon if ever there are ones that are nearby.

This is a photo of me (only my slick hair showing) joining in their crusade to go catch the Dratini that appeared in their trackers. Really good people, letting us join in on their tracking. Mabuhay kayo, Luneta Trainers! Foolish me got all hyped up again, I forgot to take a screenshot of the Dratini that we tracked. I instead decided to just take a screenshot of the Pokestop where it spawned.

Around the Park, I saw some kalesas circling around the area where Lapu Lapu’s statue was standing. It felt really good to see this old Filipino culture still roaming around in this day where technology, machinery, and automotives exist.

Situated on each side of the circled area where Lapu-Lapu’s statue is, is the Museum of Anthropology on one side, and the Museum of Natural History (labeled in the Pokestop as Department of Tourism) on the other.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

At the time that I was there, both Museums, sadly were closed down. Probably for renovations.

After a few more laps around the park, I checked my Pokemon Storage, and saw this:

I had 18 Omanytes and 8 Kabutos which I gathered from 1:30-4:30. At that, I decided to call it a good day’s Pokemon Hunt for me. But before I left, I wanted to take photos of the Beauty of Rizal Park during the sunset.

Processed with VSCO with b3 preset

Processed with VSCO with b3 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

As I always say here in my blog, I recommend that you visit Rizal Park with or without Pokemon Go as your purpose. It’s a wonderful dose of history standing amidst the beautiful sights and sounds that you could see in the park. Bring your family and friends there, have a date there, go ahead. This park would be well worth your time.

***I haven’t uploaded my Omanyte and Kabuto yet. Still waiting for my Pikachu buddy to get enough candies so I can evolve all of them under one lucky egg 😀

***BTW, why is that unfinished condominium behind the Rizal Monument still standing? It doesn’t look good in photos!


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